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The Gallows Collective welcomes you to The Hybristophile’s Haven.
This website asks you to investigate what has happened to the community that inhabits it. The website is centered around a true crime community, exploring their romanticization and glorification of the perpetrators of crimes, and the humor surrounding such atrocities. We have not created the media you are about to see, we have simply curated it from existing communities across social media such as Tumblr, Twitter, TikTok, and Fanpop. While we have created a narrative and a majority of conversations, comments, and titles are our creation, even some of those have been taken from social media. 
We understand these are sensitive topics, and ask that if you feel uneasy at the thought of what’s ahead do not continue. We do not condone the posts you are about to see, we are simply attempting to expose the wide existence of such material. 
If you are happy to proceed, thank you, and good luck.

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